DIY Handmade candles with photo

Souvenirs with the photo is a traditional item of the list of gifts for friends. Not many people know how to make such exclusive souvenirs and at home. Today you can join this private club))


Before proceeding to the décor candles photo with his hands, prepare:

  • large white candle;
  • a sheet of photo paper;
  • a piece of natural fabric in white;
  • glue in the form of a spray;
  • the photo in electronic form;
  • scissors;
  • Hairdryer;
  • the baking paper.

Attention! When you repeat this tutorial follow the safety precautions and be extremely careful as the surface of the candle wax will need to melt off. If you notice that the process went wrong, cancel it to avoid burns or fire.

Step 1. You selected photo and adjust the settings under the candles in the photo editor. Print the image.

Step 2. Apply on the surface of the photo lacquer spray. Spray a thin layer, otherwise you will not be able to efficiently transfer the photo.

Step 3. On top of the image put smooth fabric. Thoroughly press and hold in this position for about 2 minutes. Carefully separate the material from the paper. If you did everything correctly, the photo will print on the fabric.

Step 4. The excess tissue cut away with scissors.

Step 5. Attach the fabric to the surface of the candle. Smooth the material to avoid creases. If necessary, again adjust it using the scissors.

Step 6. Candle wrap in baking paper. Make sure that the fabric is not moved out from the surface of the candle.

Step 7. Turn the Hairdryer on full power and aim the hot air at the candle. Gradually, the wax surface will start to melt and bleed through on the fabric, as if sealing it. The image will darken. Thus, you need to treat the entire candle. Work very carefully and do not touch the warm surface of the candle with your hands, otherwise it will dent.

Upon completion of work, carefully peel off from the candle parchment for baking.

Nice job! Our DIY handmade candle with photo is ready!