Nice craft gift ideas for corsairs: Paper boat of sweets

If you’re looking for fresh craft gift ideas, you should try to make this Paper boat of sweets with their hands.

1. First you need to trim the excess from the piece of foam to shape the future of the ship.

2. For a good poop stick flat pieces.

3. Now the ship is not very smooth, so therefore we will correct the situation by using papier-mache.

4. Prepare the glue gun and corrugated paper, and fir the the ship.

5. Now it’s time to decorate the ship with cable car bumpers and masts. Use skewers and superglue. For cables use thick threads that just need to glue.

6. Use corrugated paper for the manufacturing of sails.

7. Start decorating. To make a flag with the image of a pirate, just print on paper image and cut out paper flag.

8. Add candy (glued to the ship) and paper chest.

It’s so fun to implement craft gift ideas!