Very interesting technique to design postcards with feathers

Very interesting technique to design postcards. For this we need feathers and mascara. The result of our efforts will be very unusual and memorable.

There are different types of feathers: short ‘fluff’ and long, more elastic feathers of the tail and the ‘flight feathers’ of the wings. Elastic feathers much more suited to our crafts than soft and fluffy.

We need:

  • A roller;
  • Inkpad (or foam soaked with ink or ink);
  • Paper
  • Tweezers;
  • ‘Fine’ paper cards

Put a feather on a sponge soaked in paint. Use a roller and roll it across the feather

Put dyed feather to paper and roll to remove excess paint.

Painted feather put on the sheet where you want to stamp. Then put on top of a blank sheet of paper and laminate clean roller on it .

Remove and voila! Beauty is ready!