DIY Christmas decorating: Herringbone sisal

Small, beautiful and dressed Christmas tree decorate your home and fill it with the festive atmosphere and warmth.

You will need:

  • foam
  • sisal
  • a thick metal wire
  • skewers
  • flower pot
  • thin wire or thread
  • glue (glue gun)
  • adhesive tape (floral)
  • the gypsum
  • paint
  • brush

Christmas decorations (tinsel, Christmas toys)

1. Cut foam cone, which will serve as a basis tree.

2. Paint the foam cone in the color of the sisal, which will be used. Let the paint dry.

3. Prepare a thick wire, and fold it several times. Insert the wire into the top of the cone and fix with glue.

4. Start to be wound on a cone sisal. You need to cover the whole cone, together with a wire sticking out the top of his head.

5. Decorate the Christmas tree shining threads.

6. Prepare the barrel. First connect 4-6 skewers and secure them with tape.

7. Wrap the trunk with adhesive floral tape (or green tape).

8. Fill the pot with plaster of Paris.

9. Insert the barrel in the Christmas tree, and the tree in the flower pot (not yet hardened gypsum).

* Connections can be fixed by glue.

10. Decorate the Christmas tree to taste.