Handmade christmas decorations: mini wreath of beads

Small beaded wreath is a very nice decoration that will give a festive mood to the house. Making such crafts will bring you lots of fun.

You will need:

  • thin wire
  • beads 3 colors
  • pliers
  • braid
  • PVA glue (if necessary)

1. Prepare a thin wire and wrap it around three fingers several times. Twist the ends.

2. Cut three pieces of wire the same length – in this example, the length of each 45 cm (22 inches) Twist the ends of the wires with one hand.

3. On the reverse side start stringing the beads one color on each wire. The beads should cover the wire every 30 cm (16 in)

4. Begin to weave a braid of three wires, covered beads.

5. The end twist and then bend the workpiece so that it took the form of a circle and seal between both ends of the wreath. Here, you’ll need a pair of pliers.

6. Clippers get rid of excess wire.

7. To the place of attachment of the ends of the wire tie a braid and tie it so you can hang the mini-wreath.

8. If you want you can make a bow from a separate tape and glue or sew it to the ribbon already attached.

9. Using PVA glue can braid better to pin on the wreath, but it’s not necessarily.