How to DIY unusual Christmas tree decoration

Today we’ll make realy unusual Christmas tree decoration. It will be Christmas tree for a Christmas tree))

You will need:

  • wire (thick enough and thin so you stringing her beads) or a thin brush
  • beads of different colors and shapes
  • a cone (can make your own hands out of cardboard) – not necessarily

* To learn how you can make a cone, go to our article: a Cone of paper.

1. Prepare the cone and wrap it with wire in a spiral. If you don’t want to do cone, you can wire with beads to twist into a spiral and then pull one end of the wire (the center) to get a Christmas tree.

2. Bend the wire ends so that the beads fell out.

3. Start stringing her beads and/or beads.

4. Can add ribbons and thread to hang the ornament on the tree.

5. Pull one end of the wire to straighten the Christmas tree.