DIY Easter eggs from beads with their hands

Soon will come another wonderful, bright, spring holiday! This year (2015) Easter day is April 5. The traditional Easter eggs are considered not only painted but also bright, shiny eggs of beads. Our technique – twining bead thread.

We need:

  • Plastic eggs. You can also use natural, just make sure they are thoroughly cleaned from the inside – for this you need to make two small holes top and bottom of the egg and pour the entire contents. And, of course, keep in mind that the shell is quite fragile material, it is necessary to work more slowly and carefully.
  • Small beads of different colors.
  • Super glue or PVA glue.
  • Glue brush.
  • Thread and fine needle.
  • Tape (optional).

Let’s start!

Let’s start with the most painstaking and tedious little stage – will be stringing beads on a thread. On a very long thread

Turn on background a new series of your favorite TV series, have a glass of wine and you will not notice how time flies! Want to make striped eggs change color every 10-15 cm (4-6 in), that is how much thread takes one turn around the eggs.

The hardest part is over. Apply the glue to one side – this will be wraps starting point.

Fold a small ring of beaded strands and push it towards the top of the eggs.

So, as soon as the first part is dry, apply a little glue and make a new round of bead thread. Try to keep beads as close as possible to each other without large gaps.

After a few turns, you can immediately apply more glue and just turn the egg, holding its dry edge to bead thread wound layer by layer around.

Just a little bit … and you’re done! Give your beaded eggs thoroughly dry and you can admire the result. The next time you can complicate the task – draw ornament or a flower on the egg and wear beads on a string directly during gluing.

Good for you! That’s how you can make Easter eggs from beads.