Easter activities for children: homemade bunny for puppet theatre

What Easter activities for children to choose this year? How about a puppet show? Today we will make another handmade soft toy in our collection, but this time the toy is Bunny-glove for children’s theatre. Today we will find out how to make this doll-glove with their hands.

How to make a toy for puppets theatre?

To begin, prepare such art supplies:

  • Felt in two colors. This material holds its shape. So for one layer toys-gloves with no padding it will fit best.
  • Also don’t forget the thread, you can take thicker.
  • A needle and scissors.
  • Paper and pencil.
  • Glue for fabric.

First draw the pattern for doll gloves, or rather its individual parts. Torso with head and legs slightly raised. The size should be slightly larger than the palm of your hand. Then draw the ear and the detail is slightly less than the ear – this will be the inner part of the ear of the our Easter bunny.

Look at the photo. Cut out the two parts of the body. Next, two ears in two layers – we’ll get four parts. The two parts of the inner ear. And strip folded in half lengthwise to get 1-2 in (2.5-5 cm) in width.

This strip is needed for the tail of our Bunny. The entire length of the strips make cuts on the folded side at an equal distance to the middle of its width.

Then curl up it into a tube, fasten thread on the opposite side of the cuts.

That tail was thicker cut loops with scissors loops.

Tail fixed in the bottom of the details, you can thread or glue for this.

Getting to the ears. Connect two parts of the ear to the inner side and sew along the edge stitch needle forward.

Make second ear in the same way.

Now take the part of the trunk, without a tail, and gently pencil contemplated eyes, mouth and nose. Then embroider and stick the nose.

Put the part with the tail wrong side up, put on it ears color on top and cover with a part from the muzzle. Then use pins and sew a stitch needle forward.

It remains to think of a scenario play for new characters. Be creative.

These Easter activities for children will be of interest to all family members.