Easter egg coloring with nail polish.

Easter holidays should bring joy, and therefore, it is necessary to create the most joyous and solemn stop. Coloring Easter eggs with the help of nail polish will provide a delicious riot of colors.

We need:

  • nail polish (9 pcs.);
  • plastic cup;
  • room temperature water;
  • polish remover;
  • toothpicks.


1. Pour room temperature water in a plastic cup.

2. Add in water droplets of different lacquer.

3. Use toothpick to make vortex clockwise.

4. Put the egg into the water with the paint.

5. Attention: paint only one half of the egg, so as not to spoil the picture. On the unpainted side of the egg will lie and dry.

6. Take out the egg out of the cup and give it dry on paper.

Coloring Easter eggs over! Good For You!