How do we celebrate easter: Easter bushes in an eggshell

Many are already starting to prepare for the holiday, not really thinking why Easter is celebrated. This spring festival carries the sense of rebirth and spiritual purification. Colorful crafts and give joy to children and their parents. Today we will make Easter bushes in an eggshell with their hands.

We need:

  • Eggshell;
  • Millet for germination;
  • Food coloring;
  • Two bottles;
  • Soil;
  • Teaspoon;
  • Support for eggs;
  • Water.

How to sprout wheat in an eggshell

So let’s start. First, we have to release the shell from the egg contents. Then we wash and dry it.

Dilute the dye for Easter eggs (instructions are usually on the package), which can easily be purchased in any store. We paint our shells.

Now the most interesting part of the work, which will surely appeal to your children. Take the soil and fill the shell half.

Now decorated shells need to fill the grain. First, we soak the millet in warm water for 15 minutes – it must be that it is faster in the future sprouted.

Tightly in a single layer stacked millet, because the thicker the layer, the more elaborate will germinate Bush.

And the last layer is the ground, it needs quite a bit to hide the grain.

Carefully pour a small amount of water. If you have such a container as in the photo, you can just close for the day. If not, then wrap in a bag so that seed turned out to be a kind of mini greenhouse.

Once the sprouts will break, don’t forget to spray them with water every day, because millet loves moisture.

Just a few days and our bushes ready and pleasing to the eye this spring greens. Happy Easter!