How to decorate Easter eggs? Another great Easter egg decorating idea

There is a great variety of decorations for Easter eggs,, but we would like to offer very simple and original decoration that are easy to make at home.

We need:

  • Wooden eggs or shell without content
  • PVA glue and a brush
  • Paint
  • Stand for drying
  • Small pasta-Stars
  • Dry sequins

Getting Started:

1) Apply glue on a wooden egg and stick to it in neat rows uncooked pasta-stars. However, they can be arranged in any order desired. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly.

2) Paint the eggs together with stars, decorate with glitter. To sequins well kept, apply glue to the egg in the right places, sprinkle glitter, and after 15 minutes shake off excess.

3) As a result, you should get the original bright Easter eggs:

4) The eggs can be laid in the Easter basket, decorated with feathers.