How to DIY birdhouse with a surprise: Easter basket gifts

One of the most beautiful Easter traditions is the tradition of giving decorated eggs – symbols of life and renewal.

So I suggest you to make an original birdhouse – This unusual Easter basket gifts sure to please children and adults

handmade birdhose


For making a birdhouse we need: plain paper, decorative scissors, instant coffee, beads, thread, needle, artificial flowers and ribbon, corrugated cardboard (optional).

1. First you need to “age” drawing paper. You can paint it with two sides of instant coffee and dry on a rope or pat iron.

2. On the dried paper print any image. I picked notes.


3. And now on the other paper print the pattern house. Note on the chart there is no roof, it must be made independently.


Gluing aged paper with the one on which the scheme. Cut out the template and glue house.

4. If you have a brown powder, then cover all the edges of birdhouse with it.


5. Make the roof.

For this you will need another piece of ‘aged’ paper with notes. First cut out a rectangle of white paper and an example to the house, that the roof came up to it in size.

6. Cutting off the unnecessary part of the paper, glue the rectangle to the ‘aged’ paper with notes. Use decorative scissors to make a wavy edge and bend in the middle.


7. Use decorative scissors to make such wavy strips of paper …


… And stick them on the roof overlap.


8. Another option – sticking the decorative strips of fabric. The roof will be removed (we should put egg in it), so on the reverse side of the roof glue another of the same rectangle. So the roof will look neat and beautiful.


9. Place fold cover with paper.



10. Another great option to make roof – use corrugated cardboard. It realistically imitates slate.


And now – the most important thing. How can we make removing roof? After all, we have to take Easter egg from the birdhouse.

11. So, take a thick string or rope, wear bead on it, and pierce the roof, leaving the loop and bead on top. Now use this same thread to pierce the inner side wall of the birdhouse, wear bead and pierce wall back. Bind up the knot and glue the thread end to the inside of the house. Cover the knot with piece of paper to make it not visible.


On the other side of the roof to do the same.

12. Tie the ends of threads with beads above the roof. Now, when you’re tightening the loop, the roof will be closed, and when you’re loosing the loop – the roof can be opened.


Put the colored threads in the birdhouse, so it was like a nest.


14. Use artificial flowers, colored ribbons and beads to decorate the walls and roof of birdhouse. Your Easter basket gifts will look amazing.

Easter basket gifts




Done! Handmade birdhouse is ready.