How to make an Easter wreath of egg trays

Even a simple tray of eggs may be useful material. You can make a nice Easter wreath from it.

We need:

  • Egg trays;
  • PVA glue and a brush;
  • Scissors;
  • Details for decoration.

Getting Started:

1) from the carton carefully cut out the core and use scissors to obtain a kind of flower petals.


2) You should have enough of these ‘flowers’ to put them into one another and get the wreath.


3) Use the yarn of corrugated paper to make leaves and stems. Then we need to decorate our Easter wreath. You can use flowers that you can make with your own hands (or buy a ready-made). Insert the ‘flowers’ of cardboard into one another, shifting their paper flowers and leaves, well-fixing adhesive.

This Easter wreath will look great on the holiday table, or you can hang it on a door or wall as decoration.