How to make Easter eggs of the thread

There are many Easter egg ideas, but we always looking for something new. You can make this bid Eatser eggs of the threads. These air decorations will transform your home and will entertain both adults and children.

To make this original Easter egg crafts we use threads with glue. As the form is typically used a balloon that can be removed easily, leaving a braided frame. It is also possible to vary the size of the eggs, more or less, inflating balloon.

We need:

  • Balloon
  • PVA glue or starch with water
  • Threads
  • Stand for drying
  • Details for decorating

Getting Started:

1) Inflate the balloon desired size and well drag the thread that is not breathable.

2) Wetting the thread glue, wrap them the ball, so that the holes were.

3) When the ball is completely wrapped, place it on a stand and let the glue dry for days.

4) After drying, the needle pierce the ball and pull it through the hole. Frame made of thread retain shape.

5) To decorate this Easter egg of the threads, you can use different colored ribbons, buttons, beads, toys and much more.

6) You can make these original Easter crafts: