How to make Easter greetings cards with rabbit

Rabbit is important symbol of Easter, which is often depicted on postcards. By tradition, the rabbit is a symbol of fertility. Today we will make Easter greetings cards with rabbit.

We need:

  • Thick Paper;
  • Cotton fabric;
  • A piece of artificial fur;
  • Satin ribbon;
  • Knife;
  • Scissors;
  • Clay.

Getting Started:

1) On a sheet of cardboard cut accurately silhouette of the rabbit as shown in the following scheme:

2) A rectangular piece of faux fur glue on the inside of the cut silhouette of the rabbit fur on the outside.

3) Glue fabric to the inner side, satin ribbon stick on the perimeter and inside the card – a cut-out cardboard silhouette of the rabbit, where you can write your wishes.

4) From the outside edge glue same satin ribbon.

Done! Good for you!