How to make Easter postcards with their hands

The postcard is very simple in design. We will get a very tender Easter egg.
We need: 2-3 pieces of colored paper or cardboard, 2 slices of thin ribbons of different colors, double sided adhesive tape or glue, scissors and fork.
First cut the egg workpiece.

Cut out the egg. Paste it with colored paper (in this case, two species). This is what we get.

Make 2 bows with a fork according to the method, which is shown below:

To get these bows.

Glue them to the Easter postcard with glue or in with double-sided adhesive tape

The final touch – take the second colored paper, it will be the very basis of postcards, on which we will actually write requests. Glue the egg to the base.

In the end we get a very nice Easter postcard 🙂