Looking for Easter basket ideas for babies? Try this simple and cute basket

Easter is coming so it’s time to think about gifts for loved ones. And what could be better Easter crafts than handmade basket for babies? Today we will find out how to make a colored Easter basket of cardboard.

To implement these Easter basket ideas for babies we need: cardboard from old boxes, colored paper, cloth, glue, fabric (optional), a ruler and scissors.

Getting Started!

1. Take any use carton and cut an oval to the size and sidewall 12 cm (4 1/3 in) tall.

2. Make a basket from these parts, and glue it with white glue (PVA).

Here’s what you should have.

3. Dissolve the glue with water and soak napkins in this solution. Now use napkins to cover the entire surface of the basket.

4. From the colored paper (or painted watercolor) cut out flowers (choose the shape of your choice) and grass.

We get such flowers and green stripes.

5. Decorate the basket with greenery, flowers and fence.

Inside the basket put send some colorful silk or gauze.

Happy holiday! I hope you liked this Easter basket idea for babies.