Simple technique of decoration eggs for christian Easter

Decorated eggs is an integral part of the Christian Easter. It is a symbol of fertility, spring and new life. No matter how old you are, because colorful eggs delight people of all ages.

If you want to attract kids to making these Easter crafts, watch out for them, because you will have to use hot wax.

Step 1: Cook hard-boiled eggs or pierce them through to decant the contents. For this you need to make some effort because the yolk and white are derived not so quickly through the small holes. Keep in mind, that empty eggs are much more fragile than hard-boiled.

Step 2: Prepare the dye. If you do not have food coloring, cut into strips (1 x 2.5 cm) corrugated paper, put it in a bowl and cover with hot water. As a result, the water will take the same color as the paper itself.

Step 3: Fold the paper on a separate plate. Add one tablespoon of white wine vinegar. Cool to room temperature.

Step 4. Use hot wax pencil to draw patterns on the egg. All areas that should not be painted, cover with wax.

You can also use candle for this. Be careful not to spill the drops of wax on hand.

Step 5: Pour the paint into the bucket. First, paint the eggs in a bright dye, and then make it darker and intense.

Step 6. Put the eggs in the dye until they find the right color.

Step 7. Pulling out the egg, wipe it with a dry towel or cloth.

Step 8. Bring lit candle to the egg. Roll the egg in hand, to wax on it melts and flows into the cloth.

You can also put the eggs in the oven, after a few minutes remove and wipe them.

Step 9. Continue to paint the other side of eggs using different dyes. In order to make eggs darker, longer keep them in the dye.

Step 10: Put the painted eggs in the basket. Now you’re ready for Christian Easter!