Fresh homemade fathers day gift ideas: Keychain with a tie.

Are you looking for fresh homemade fathers day gift ideas& You should try to make this cute keychain with a tie.

You will need:

  • old unnecessary tie
  • a bunch of keys
  • scissors
  • glue

1. Slip the tie in the ring chords for keys.

2. Place the tie so that you can see the seams, and fold it to the left side.

3. Wrap the end of the tie around the place where it passes through the ring.

4. Slip the end of the tie into the ring and then through the “knot”.

5. Pull to tighten the tie to the bundle for keys.

6. Flip the tie and cut off the extra part with scissors.

7. You can leave as is, or you can bend the ends of the back side of the tie and attach them to make back more similar to the front.

8. It remains to add the keys. You can put the key on heavy paper and cut around it. Then cut the key and write on it the wish.

TIP for homemade fathers day gift ideas: You can make a few of these keys with multiple wishes.