Handmade gifts for mom: how to make ring with their own hands

Mother’s day is soon, but you still don’t what to do? In your house you can find a lot of unnecessary things that may be useful in the work. Take, for example, old forks or spoons. You can make awesome ring from such materials.

We need:

  • Any old forks, spoons with beautiful decoration. This is the basis of your product. Better if it will be made from silver
  • Bolt cutters or hacksaw
  • Pliers
  • Sandpaper
  • Loose leaf paper
  • Handle

Let’s get to work:

Let’s choose a suitable Cutlery, soon to morph into the ring.

Take a strip of paper and ask mom to wrap a finger to determine the size of the ring. Make a mark on paper.

Using the obtained paper measurements you can make a template for the ring, cutting off the handle of the fork in the right place with hacksaw.

Treat the cut edge of the plug with sandpaper.

In the last step you’ll need to carefully use pliers to bend received tip of a fork into the ring. If the plug is made of silver, it can be bent without any issues.

As a result you should get something like: