Unusual mother’s day gift ideas: Box of eggshells

Still have no mother’s day gift ideas? All lovers of jewelry, always need new boxes for their precious things. We present you an original idea for handmade box of eggshells. This casket is a perfect gift to mother, sister or grandmother.

You will need:

  • Cardboard box;
  • Eggshell;
  • Pastel;
  • Napkins with a beautiful pattern;
  • White glue (PVA);
  • A soft brush;
  • Acrylic paint;
  • Sandpaper;
  • White primer.

To make a gift with your own hands is not so difficult as it may seem, you only need to be patient and act carefully.

First process box (inside and outside) with sandpaper. Then cover it with white primer.

For the mosaic effect we will need eggshells, white glue.

With a brush apply PVA glue on a box. Glue small pieces of the shell. Don’t press hard or else the shell will break. Then smeared with glue another small section and glue the shell. So we need to paste the whole box.

Cover the mosaic with a layer of PVA.

Has to be like this.

Painted the whole box with white acrylic paint.

Now the most difficult stage. We will us the decoupage method to apply image on the box. Detachable from the cloth layer with the image (this layer becomes very thin and requires delicate handling). Apply glue on the box and stick the layer with the image. Gently cover layer by a layer of white glue with a soft brush from the center to the edge.

This method glue over the entire box.

The box of eggshell is almost ready. In principle it can be left in this version, but we’re still a bit “doing magic”, so we’ll make our mother’s day gift more special.

Rub the pastel into powder and use your fingers to rub into the box. Then using a sponge, paint the edges of the box with black acrylic paint.

That’s all! Such a beautiful box of eggshells will be a great storage for jewelry.

I hope you like this gift idea for mother’s day!