36 Valentine’s Day ideas for cards and presents

It’s Valentine’s Day very soon…. Many lovers are trying to figure out how to say about feelings, and I believe that on February 14 is the best time for this. Your important person would be overjoyed to receive your Valentine’s Day gifts and beautiful card made with your own hands.

For most simple cards we need colored paper, scissors, paint / markers.

You can decorate Valentine’s Day card with origami flowers and heart. A simple way to make heart of the paper can be found here

Easy-to make happy Valentine’s Day cards of paper strips. Another good idea is hearts with predictions

Declare your feelings will help of… clothespin!
Beautiful paper rose will be a great addition to this simple greeting

Love letter is very eloquent way to congratulate your favorite. But if you’re looking for something more sweeter then try this

Greeting could be more personal and valuable with your fingerprints in the design of card.

And if you are looking for truly personal gift then do homemade joint album

To create this card, you will need paper for scrapbooking. By the way here is more excellent Valentine’s Day scrapbooking cards

Space greeting for those who is out of this world. Another good option is a symbolic gift is a love lamp

Use candles in decorating cards. They look very cute. And you know what else is cute? Aromatherapy pillow with hearts!

These hearts are made of molten wax crayons.
By the way, the wax allows you to create amazing pictures

Beautiful greeting card with the effect of 3D. More cute gift almost did not come up. Is it just try to make romantic teddy bear with a heart

Greeting card with candy. This is a real classic for Valentine’s Day. Also be sure to try to make a Romantic home decoration for the Valentines Day

Buttons create a special mood. Much more interesting can be done of the buttons

Everyone likes motley applications. You can also make these tiny boxes with congratulations inside.

A single line without love! Here is another simple option of 3D cards

A simple card with hearts is a great gift for her and for him. That’s the way a few simple ideas

Use the jokes and metaphors, not only to please, but to amuse your dear person. And if you want to make a surprise, then try this

To create a romantic secret messages you will need a wax crayon and paint. Also try to make one of the best Valentines Day gifts for her. Floral heart

That’s how easy it is to make a book, the pages of which you write, for example, ’50 reasons why you’re my best’. If you do not attract to paper crafts, then try to make hearts of ice

Insert candy or notes in each envelope. Or you can make nice handmade packing for sweets

Option for those who are good at drawing.
Also a good gifts for Valentine’s Day are the trees of hearts

If a simple card that’s not what you need, what about the Panels ‘Heart’

Combinations of paper and cloth always look nice. You know what else is nice? Mini scrapbook album!

Everyone loves candy. And everyone loves Candy bouquet even more

Lace will make your greeting more air. If you are looking for the same beautiful but easier to make card then try this

Even the most simple card is an important sign of attention. But if you feel that you can do something more complex, then pay attention to the homemade keychain heart that will always accompany your favorite

Not limited to a single card. Let them be few.
Or you can combine several of congratulations in one Valentine’s Day card

For decoration you can use anything: beads, beads, rhinestones, ribbons. You can also try different techniques. For example, kinusayga

Add the printed letters to create an interesting artistic effect. Or make a beautiful three-dimensional composition

Speaking of 3D. You have to look at this

Funny beetles. Why not laugh and joy in a happy Valentine’s Day? Maybe even in this day you will prepare some special dish

Symbolic gifts are especially valuable. By the way, here is another wonderful gift option for Valentine’s Day

Such a lovely greetings are sure to enjoy your favorite, who also will appreciate this

Wait until your favorite say ‘Light my fire’ and prepare for this simple candlestick in romantic style

Beautiful garland is a great way to festively decorate the house. Also try these varinty.

This is a very simple paper card, which nevertheless looks cute. Try also this origami heart.

Very concise greeting. Nothing more. If you need something more eloquent, try this
‘I love you’ in different languages. Cross stitch.

If these ideas are not enough for you, then you will find much more in this section.
Happy Valentine’s Day!