3D Valentines Day cards

On the eve of Valentine’s Day you can make awesome card. It’s Impossible not to fall in love with these wonderful little hearts, made with your own hands. You will need scissors, a bit of colored paper and, of course, love to the other half.

Manufacturing of 3D cards with hearts lasts about 20 minutes. In addition, you can make colorful cards confetti and add it to the envelope.

So, you need…

1. Draw or find a ready-made template and print it on paper or thin cardboard.

2. Using a knife for cutting paper and ruler, carefully cut the heart along the lines of the template (marked in black in the figure below).

3. Mark the fold line cards (marked in yellow in the figure below).

4. Gently fold the card by pushing the top of the heart so that its lower part was the bulk.

5. Fully folded card in half and smooth.

6. Make a cover for the bulk insert with a heart and make it together with the glue.

7. Cut the multi-colored confetti and fill it in the envelope.

8. Insert the card in an envelope and seal it!