Cute Valentine’s Day ideas. Motley Cards

When I think about February 14, it can not help but smile. Valentine’s Day is a very big and important holiday. Even long before that day, all inspired by love and start to prepare gifts, cards, love letters for their second halves. It is best to make gifts with your own hands.

We will need

Colored paper

Pencils with erasers on the end

Stamps can be bought in store. Also stamps can be made by you.

First make origami envelope

Do not forget to sign the sender and recipient. Many teaches love letters from hand to hand, but I advise you to send them to you by mail (preferably in advance). So much more romantic, because we can say, by regular mail, no one uses it, and for good reason.

Let’s make stickers on our envelope:

Writing, in fact, the letter itself, at least one phrase ‘I love you’, ‘I can not live without you’ or something else, and add romance with nested hearts and stickers.