Gifts for Valentine’s day with their hands: Valentine’s Day ideas for kids

It’s hard to believe that Valentine’s day is just around the corner. And even more difficult to believe that our children have grown up enough to make Valentine’s cards or decorating the home for this holiday. Today we prepare a compilation that is dedicated entirely to this amazingly delicate holiday. You don’t have to try one: children can help.

I just melt from love!

For the manufacture of such bright hearts need a little: in the shape of a heart, water, salt, water-colors, color picker. Freeze the water and then remove the heart from the form. Give a little bit «thaw out» and sprinkle with salt. Then using a pipette, add watercolor paints. You can use gouache, but this paint “heavier” and will not give such spectacular jumps. Once the heart to paint over it can be refrozen.

If you put a colored heart on a sheet of paper for watercolor, you get nice pictures of the heart melted.

Wrap my heart

If you have enough of a thin colored (or packaging) paper, you can pack your love with your child.

Heart of melted bead

Simple and original: need just a wire, beads and oven.

Plasticine heart

Comment is unnecessary

Pictures of chalk prints

If your home has a whiteboard, you can decorate it together so awfully nice prints.

Heartfelt greeting cards

Cut out the cardboard top of separately and use watercolor paints, and apart from the newspapers – the bottom. Also paint it.

Pompom Heart

Pompom heart – easy to remove and give, perfect for school and office, both for adults and for the little ones. Suspension, bookmarks, Keychain – all from one skein of yarn.


Corrugated paper heart

Corrugated paper heart: so simple in manufacturing that would make even little kid.


Ceramic heart

DIY pottery or clay – we need any material that can hold the shape. Make and paint. Attention: the heart is very delicate!

Garland of hearts

Such beautiful decorations for the home on Valentine’s Day will be a very fun and exciting to do with your children