Handmade bouquet of sweets. Sweet idea for Valentines Day

To make colorful bouquet of sweets we need:

1. corrugated paper.

2. Tape wide.

3. Ribbon narrow

4. Wire.

5. Adhesive tape.

6. Scissors.

7. Clippers.

8. BBQ sticks.

9. Mesh-snow.

10. decorative Greens.

11. Bow.

Divide the wire into four parts. Cut the thin ribbon into pieces. Cut the corrugated paper in small pieces, each measuring 18 on 12 cm. Put piece of candy and wrapped wire Fastened. Using adhesive tape make a Ribbon on top. (Or in reverse order-make Ribbon on the top and fasten the wire with adhesive tape). Candy is not pierced! Spread the edges of corrugated paper and so for each of 7 chocolates. Uing adhesive tape-strips fasten turn 7 chocolates to sticks for BBQ. Added Greens. Decorate with mesh and lace. Finish!