Homemade Case for tablet

It is not difficult to buy a ready-made case for the tablet but this way is for lazy people. We’ll make an unusual product by our hands. You can choose any color. Also nothing prevents us to experiment with design.

Good idea is to make a cover for your girlfriend or boyfriend. This gift on Valentine’s Day is not only beautiful and romantic but also very rewarding. So free your mind and be creative.

For the manufacture of this simple but useful little things we need

1. A piece of skin / non-skin / any coloured

2. Cardboard

3. Glue Gun

4. The elastic bands (gum in the store did not find, bought the gum-rims)


Let’s get started

Cut originally cardboard, adding to 0.2 inches along the perimeter of the material further, I leave plus 1/4 inches along the perimeter

With the help of the gun need to glue parts together to understand how much space to leave between the card that you need to try on the tablet.

Almost done, left stick gum