Nice envelope for a romantic Valentine’s day present

Funny Valentine’s Day must be put in an envelope, which is fully in line with the holiday. The envelope can be done with your own hands from any color paper. In the end you get an envelope in the shape of a heart, which will be very beneficial to stand out against the background of the other greetings. For crafts will need coloured paper, any color, scissors and tape.

Take the square-shaped colored paper, scissors and adhesive tape. Cut the square in half.

Fold the triangle in half, and then expand.

Corner of a triangle fold in as shown below.

Focusing on the crease, fold the left edge of the inside of a triangle.

Do the same thing with the right edge.

Turn the triangle and fold the protruding tails in half, focusing on the lower part of the triangle.

You should get so

To form the heart, you need to round out the four corners, except for the lower.

Fix the curved ends of the duct tape.

Envelope sweetheart is ready.

The envelope you can decorate a beautiful ribbon and put in it the Valentine’s day.