Simple valentine greeting cards for him. Another Valentine’s Day idea

It’s time once again taken for needlework, this time – for Valentine’s Day. Sure: the destination for romantic valentine greeting cards there is in each of us. So Stored paper, cardboard, thread – and for the cause.

This card is made using threads tied on a cardboard base. The combination of colors you can choose any – here we connect the red and gold. Big heart looks great.

You will need:

  • Postcard of white cardboard,
  • Red cardboard,
  • Gold paper,
  • Thick gold thread
  • Shaped punch, making holes in the form of hearts
  • Tracing paper and pencil
  • A scalpel and cutting mat
  • Single-sided tape
  • Glue stick
  • Selfadhesive soft plastic pieces


Copy the pattern of the heart, move it on red cardboard and cut out. The workpiece lay on the mat and using a scalpel make small triangular slits at each pencil mark along the perimeter of the heart.

Fasten the thread on the backside of the heart with a piece of scotch tape and start up a thread with the second triangular slots on the right side of the center. This is your first (original) slot. Miss eleven slots clockwise thread in the twelfth, and then pass it to the second slot, from her thirteenth – and so on. Stop winding when you reach the second triangular notches to the left of Center.

In the center of the heart formed a circle. To fill it up, wrap the thread from the recess at the top of the heart to the triangular slits along the bottom edge. To do this, Miss eleven slots and thread in the twelfth, then go back in the hole, thread the thirteenth – and so on. In the same way, you wind the left half of the heart. Fasten the thread on the backside of the blank tape.

Turn on red cardboard two triangles with hearts to decorate the corners of the cards and cut them out. Drag the triangles on the gold paper and cut out two triangles slightly smaller.

Flip the shaped punch upside down and punch of red triangles in their hearts.

Carefully glue gold triangles to back of each red triangle.

Position the red triangles on opposite diagonal corners of the cards and glue them with a pencil glue. Then glue red hearts on the two remaining corners.

Attach the three pieces of self-adhesive soft plastic or rubber profile for windows to the backside of the heart and stick it to a greeting card.

Your romantic Valentine is ready!