Topiary ‘Heart’. Romantic gift for Valentine’s Day

Best greetings on Valentine’s Day for loved one – handmade gift made by you. This beautiful topiary will be very sensual symbol of warm feelings and elegant interior decoration.

Topiary, it is also called ‘European tree’ and ‘tree of happiness’ – a common interior decoration in the European floral design. This is a very original composition, which always attracts attention. Brightness and originality is achieved not only due to the shape (circle shape itself is very interesting), but also due to the interesting composition of colors, materials and textures.

We need:

  • Fabric, paper, cloth, thread;
  • Cardboard;
  • Trunk (there are many variants);
  • Alabaster (plaster, stucco) + water;
  • Pot;
  • Decor for your taste (beads, sequins, etc.)

Prepare a mixture for fixing the trunk in a pot. Dilute with water powder plaster (plaster) in a ratio of one to one. Stir.

Fill the mixture into the pot for the topiary ‘Heart’. Insert a branch in the resulting mixture. The barrel can be made of thick wire, bundle of thin wires or other materials. Wait until the ‘cement’ is completely dry.

Cut out the heart of a piece of cardboard. Stick it to the top of the stem. Use a brush or glue-pistotlet.

In the next step we will make the heart volume. Take toilet paper, tear off a piece, crumple and secure it with thread to the cardboard backing. Look at the picture. Increase the volumes on both sides ‘Heart’ Topiary.

Make a final layer of red napkins and fasten thread.

Take a piece of tulle and cut it in small squares. Fold the squares diagonally to get small triangles.

Glue them to the heart of densely filling the entire surface, making sure that there are no gaps and omissions. You can help yourself with a toothpick.

Topiary ‘Heart’ is almost ready, and we left a little to adorn and decorate it.

For decoration we use beads and flowers made of cloth or paper. Pasted them our tree of happiness.

Your homemade Valentine’s day gift is ready. Let this topiarij will bring you happiness.