Valentines Day gift ideas for men. How to sew a pillow heart with your hands

On Valentine’s Day we like getting as cute little surprises and great gifts that express the warmth and care of another person. For example, it is possible to present the beloved original cushion with a festive print in the form of the heart, which even a novice an easily make. And maybe you decorate your bedroom or make some cushions for the living room, adding to the interior bright festive touch.

To sew a decorative pillow with his hands on February 14 (Valentine’s Day) you need:

  • cotton or calico fabric natural color;
  • natural fabrics with some bright print;
  • sewing machine (you can ask for help from a friend);
  • paper and pencil.

Draw a heart on the paper template and place it on the cloth pillowcases. The best would be 4-6 layers ornament.

Place the tissue of the heart in the center front of the pillowcase on the front side, putting one on the other.

Sew pattern for pillowcase vertical parallel lines at a distance of 2-3 inches apart.

Cut the fabric hearts sewn between the lines. Make sure that you cut only ornament, not touching pillowcase.

Rinse and dry, and then a little hand fan the resulting track. Sew the edge of the pillow, put it on a pillow and give to your loved one!


Now your man will get nice

cushion. He will be very appreciative.