How to make homemade beautiful candles

Make beautiful candles with you own hands. It’s very simple and fun, so DIY!

We need:

  • two simple candles, you can use candles-tablets
  • two suitable boxes of various sizes
  • various cereals, coffee grains, beans (you can also use dried flowers, dried fruit, shells and any other appropriate decor)
  • a wooden skewer.


  1. Take a candle and fracture it into small chunks and accurate movements pull the wick. The wick should be preserved, and wax melt in water bath.
  2. The smaller box put into bigger. The space between the boxes fill up a with small layer of grains. Then cover with a layer of melted wax and fast movements put the next layer of grain and then pour the wax. Procedure must be repeated several times until the gaps will not be completely filled. Leave the product until completely cooled. You can put a box in the fridge for 10 minutes.
  3. When the candle will froze carefully lift the little box. Pour a small amount of melted wax on bottom. It will fasten one end of the wick at the bottom. The second end to bind to a skewer, so that he was still in the Center.
  4. At the end you should fully cover center with melted wax. Refrigerate (may the candle to put in the freezer for 20 minutes).
  5. The original design of the candles ready!

For the décor of candles you can use any materials: the beans, shells, beads, buttons, dried fruits, dried flowers, beads, sequins, etc.

Such a candle is a very special gift.