How to make homemade coffee tree

Идея ароматных декоративных деревьев не нова, однако, безусловно, заслуживает внимания. Сделать кофейное дерево своими руками несложно, при этом, в интерьере смотреться оно будет очень выигрышно и может стать отличным подарком любому кофеману, как мужчине, так и женщине. А аромат дерева из кофейных зерен говорит сам за себя. В данной статье мы расскажем, как сделать дерево из кофейных зерен.

The idea of fragrant ornamental trees is not new, but is certainly worthy of attention. Make a coffee tree easily, and look in the Interior, it will be very effective, and it can be an excellent gift for any coffee lover, both men and woman. And the fragrance of the coffee bean tree speaks for itself.

The coffee tree with my hands: materials and tools

·    coffee beans (you can experiment, replacing them with the seeds of anise);

·    vase or small pot, which can be purchased in any flower shop;

·    twig tree, stick for japanese food or skewer to make the tree trunk of coffee beans;

·    ball-harvesting styrofoam (available in-store goods for needlework);

·    rough string or ribbon for decoration;

·    reliable, transparent glue. It is best to use hot glue, silicone gun securely fastens details and is odorless. An alternative may be any other adhesive;

·    paint bottle of golden or brown;

·    wadding (polyester batting, crumpled paper or scraps of fabric to fill them with a small pot);

·    decorative details to your taste;

·    cardboard, pencil, scissors.

How to make a tree from coffee beans

First prepare the crown and trunk of our improvised tree. You can do this in different ways. The easiest, in my opinion, this is a neat colorize stick on all sides with a nitropaint. Remember, do it better in a well ventilated area, after putting on the table a paper or cloth, not to soil paint a countertop.

If this option does not like or you did not have at hand the paint, then you can tightly wrap the stick with thread, leaving a bit of space at the top, as part of the sticks will still be inside the balloon. The ends of the thread set with a few drops of glue.

Ball also better colorize that white base would be conceal in gaps between coffee beans. Perfect use for this gold, brown or even black ink. For ease of use, the ball should be placed on a stand, and you should keep
spray paint far enough away from it, because the thin foam may start to coagulate under the influence of too many aggressive paints. Theoretically, the styrofoam ball you can replace with the crumpled paper and a ball of soft tissues, however, in this case, you are unlikely to be able to achieve perfectly round form.

When the paint is completely dry on the ball, you can start gluing coffee beans. This work is simple but laborious. Gluing must beans as close to each other so that almost no gaps. In the center of the ball better immediately mark the place of the future connection with the trunk-crown stick and leave him free in the process.

When the ball is fully decorated with coffee, deep insert handle into the lower part of the globe. It is better to pour back some glue for reliability. Make sure that the stick is not too long, and the whole design was fairly stable.

Чтобы кофейной дерево не болталось свободно в вазочке, а крепко держалось на своем месте, емкость следует плотно заполнить каким-либо материалом. Лучше всего подойдут специальная набивка — холлофайбер, однако песок, опилки, бумага или синтепон также подойдут в качестве «грунта». Набивать нужно максимально плотно.

To the coffee tree does not hang loosely in a vase, and hold fast to it’s place, the capacity to be densely filled with any material. Best suited special packing – hollofayber, but sand, sawdust, paper or sintepon also work as a ‘ground’. Need to fill the most dense.

A cardboard cut out a circle with a diameter slightly smaller than the neck of the vase or pot and done in the center of a small, neat hole for cutting. The circle should completely cover the inside of a vase and fix the tree in its place. I used Golden cardboard, suitable for painting in color of wood. If such is not at hand, ordinary cardboard can also be covered with beans.

Вставляем дерево в подготовленное для этого отверстие и надежно «сажаем» его в горшок. Осталось добавить несколько декоративных штрихов, на ваш вкус. Я использовала медные накладки в виде бабочек, приклеив их на «крону» и «ствол». Можно обязать ленточкой или бечевкой горшочек или разместить между кофейными зернами несколько красивых бусин — вашу фантазию ничто не должно ограничивать.
Кофейное дерево готово, можно наслаждаться видом и ароматом, ну и, конечно, заварить себе чашечку бодрящего напитка.


Put the tree in the hole and secure the “plant” it in the pot. Add a few decorative touches to your taste. I used the copper lining in the form of butterflies, having pasted them on “the Crown” and “trunk”. You can tie a ribbon or ware pot or place between beans some beautiful beads. Your imagination nothing should limit.

The coffee tree is ready, you can enjoy the views and the aroma, and, of course, brew yourself a cup of refreshing drink.