The use of wooden pallets at home: 8 ideas

Pallet is a flat wooden base to move various cargoes. These simple trays are made of natural materials – raw wood. For designers pallets serve as an inexhaustible source of ideas. They can be used to make furniture, decorative items and cabinets.

And, what is especially nice, you can get pallets absolutely free, so the actual cost of most of the interior items from them is just a few dollars plus your precious time.

So, what good can be done from wooden pallets?

1. The table in the living room.

2. Place to watch movies.

3. Table and sofa for joint gatherings with friends

4. Bed

5. Clothes hanger

6. Roll table on castors. Great idea for a picnic in the backyard.

7. Stand for spices in the kitchen

8. A place to relax.