DIY hammock stand: Hanging chair

We all love after a day of work just to sit in a comfortable chair and relax. To make the vacation as pleasant as possible we have to provide the rest, not only for the body but for the soul. What could be better for the soul than the contemplation of nature?

We offer you to DIY hammock stand. A hanging chair hammock is able to adapt to the human body, so very comfortable to use.

You will need:

  • Wooden pallets or regular boards;
  • Strong rope;
  • Drill.

We will use the boards from the pallet. They are ideal for chairs.
Carefully remove the Board.

Now you need to decide how wide will be the future chair-hammock. The length is also determined independently. In our case, it took 16 boards.

On one Board штвшсфеу the points of attachment of the rope. The distance between holes should not be too large; otherwise the Board will break from heavy weight, in addition the chair will catch the skin.

We drill. The holes should be slightly larger than the diameter of the rope.

The holes in the rest of the boards are drilled, using the first Board as a ыфьзду. This will help us to avoid inconsistencies.

It is recommended to treat the boards with sandpaper and varnish.

Then begin to weave all the elements together.

It remains only to find a place for hanging our handmade hummock chairs. There are many ways: you can attach the beam between the trees or you can build something kind of swing, etc.

The rope to the top of the chair is bound to the last Board, for the lower part – to the penultimate.

Nice work! Our DIY hammock stand is ready!