Unique craft ideas: DIY rock garden

Many people want to have something special on the table. Unique craft ideas will help you to make something, that you would like to see every day and get pleasure from the contemplation or simply to think about it. A great solution in this case will be a miniature rock garden. Most probably heard about the Japanese gardens of stone, but few know that in addition to real there are  table gardens.

Today we will try to DIY table rock garden. Special skills to perform this work is not required.

You will need:

  • Waste wood (planks, sticks);
  • Small pebbles;
  • Sand;
  • Plastic/rubber/cardboard/rough cloth (used to separate sand from gravel);
  • Paint;
  • Screws;
  • Old Newspapers.

First you need to determine the size of the garden table. In our case, 84.5cm (33in) long and 14.5cm (6in) wide. Cut two boards. Two bars will serve as legs, fasten them with screws.

Around the perimeter of the container also fasten the bars.

If You use screws with large diameter, then the probability that the bars will burst. Therefore, pre-drill the holes (with a diameter slightly less than the diameter of the cap) in rods for screws.

Rough cut the fabric to size the inner part of the box. The fabric need to isolate the sand from the gravel. To do the insulation it is not necessary, because the rock garden will be dry.
Stapler to fasten the fabric to the boards.

The painted box. In the photo You can see the pieces of the newspaper. The use of the newspaper allows you to hide imperfections of the wood (first glued the newspaper, then top stained). If You are using quality wood, the paper does not need.

After the paint has dried, paper clips fasten strips of fabric for fencing pebbles. Fill the moat with small pebbles, and the whole inner part with the sand.

On the sand lay a few stones. The arrangement of the stones can be any, the main thing that is pleasing to the eye.

Table rock garden is almost ready, just need to add the final touches. A thin wand swipe on the sand straight lines. This will simulate water. Around the stones also draw lines (3-5 lines) mimic the ripples.

That’s all for our unique crafts idea! Miniature rock garden is ready!

Here is how you can DIY simple decoration for the desktop, which will bring you pleasant minutes every day.