Halloween food ideas (part 2)

We continue our wonderful theme Halloween food ideas.

We already wrote about miraculous, terrible, interesting and of course super delicious food for Halloween http://diy-is-fun.com/creative-ideas/halloween-food-ideas-part-1/

In different molds, you can cook any pies. Just a “cap” of dough make a slightly different form. With tentacles. Tentacles should fix on the plate, or under their weight they will break. And in general, it is more disgusting. Attach the olives from above and you will have eyes.

Plasters of crackers.


The plastic skull should be thoroughly washed and greased with soft cheese. Hook the chips on the cheese and serve. Oh yes, instead of the eyes, you can put pickled garlic. Or onions.

The second option. Cheese skull before serving can be soy sauce, which is added a few drops of red food color. Plus sesame seeds.

Prepare the meatballs according to your favorite recipe.In the center of each meatball put the olive – this will be a creepy “eye”.

Tomato sauce is “blood”.

Pears with syrup.