15 ideas for inspiration for amazing handmade interior design furniture

Restoration and painting of furniture is very exciting and fun. You can make unusual interior design furniture with their own hands. Let these 15 ideas will inspire you to create your own masterpiece

painting furniture – a dresser with owl

painted chest of drawers – wood

Green wood painted with acrylic paints on the dresser. Branches pass to the countertop.


Painted table floral patterns

Table with painted floral patterns made through the stencil.


painting cabinets

Old dresser, which received the second birth.


painting Wallpapers – dragonfly

Coffee table with painted dragonfly.


furniture painting table with floral pattern

A cute round table.


painted furniture – pedestal table

Folding mini table with floral ornament.


decoupage table – dragonfly

Dragonfly deposited on the surface of the table in the technique of decoupage.


painted dresser – tree silhouette

White tree silhouette on a brown chest of drawers.


painted chest flowers

Flowers on the dresser, painted in blue color.


painted chest of drawers Chinese dragon

Chinese mythical dragon painted on the dresser.


painted dresser – colors through the stencil

Pink chest of drawers and white flowers, painted using a stencil.


painted dresser – turtle

Sea turtle painted on the dresser.


Painted wardrobe

Original colorful painting of an old wardrobe.


Painted wooden chair

Simple and cheap but very interesting idea for interior design furniture.