Homemade bead Tree. DIY idea for crafts lovers

Bead weaving is a very exciting process, which can be a real work of art, such as the delightful tree. And despite the fact that beading requires a lot of time and patience, in the end, the total will exceed all your expectations, and an amazing tree from beads made with your own hands perfectly fit to your interior. Also it could be very special and original gift.

What we need in order to make this tree:

  • wire,
  • floral tape,
  • masking tape,
  • glue moment,
  • alabaster,
  • the beads of various shades.

To start doing one eyelet, consisting of six beads.

Next is on the rise, now each of the two subsequent loops we add two beads. For example, in the first two loops we have six beads, for the next two – eight, and so on. The series ends with fourteen beads in the last two loops.

Twists between the two twigs from the tops.

One branch looks like this.

In the next step we repeat all the same, only with other colors of beads.

As a result of the preparatory phase should get these twigs, which will be a tree.

In no particular order, collect the first branch of the tree, and secure with masking tape.

The number of branches depends on how big the tree you should be able to. The more branches, the bigger will be your wonderful tree.

In the end, you can get such a tree of …

..Or such like below, it all depends on your imagination, you can come up with any shape, from different colors of beads.

Other variations of beaded trees