Gentleman Heart. Funny and romantic Valentine’s Day idea for him

During the existence of Valentine’s Day, the appearance of its principal symbol valentines changed, evolved, there was lots of options and varieties of this type of craft.

Now we offer you to make valentines for him with their own hands.

You can make very elegant Valentine’s Day card, that you can give to your present or future boyfriend)).

To start cut out pieces of colored paper and cardboard blank as shown below – it is the foundation for valentines for man.

One blue heart made for the back, and the second to the front. One heart is cut, as shown in the figure. Glue them.

From a piece of blue paper cut out just such a piece. From it we make a basket for small souvenir.

Glue the front and rear portions, glue basket in the middle. Add a decorative bow and draw a black buttons. – Valentine for a guy is ready

In this box you can put candy or some other gift. Your loved one will be delighted! Happy Valentine’s Day!