Useful box for needlework


For the box you will need:
-thick cardboard
-the fabric of two colors (depends on the desires, and one color)
-a beautiful Ribbon
-PVA glue or Superglue

Box. Of the square piece of cardboard 27x27 cm (10.5×10.5 inches) is cut out the corner squares.

Cut half the thickness of the cardboard fold lines so that they are easier to bend neither.

The inner part is pasted over with a cloth only at the bottom, leaving the corners of 0.5 cm (0.2 inches) seam allowances of fabric on a bend.

Outside of the box is pasted over with a clinch with tissue completely in 1.5-2 cm (2/3 inches).

For pads are cut out squares of 8,5×8,5 cm (3,3×3,3 inches), cardboard and rags.

And are fitted with cloth.

Across the pillows fixed gum for all kinds of goodies.

Glue pads on the inside of the box.

Internal insert. Cut out the cardboard square 18 x 18 cm (7×7 inches).

From it we get the inner box 4x4x7 cm (1,6×1,6×2,75 inches).

Just glue the fabric to the surface.

Just do the pads are for needles 6,5х3,5 cm (2,5×1,4 inches).

Central insert. Cut out a strip of cardboard 5,5х14 cm (2.15x 5.5 inches). We’ll get box with a wall at 3 cm and 2 cm in the melt (1,2 and 0.8 inches)

Glue the fabric, taking into account that it must be bent in a Prism.

Collect a small box.

Cover. From square 15×15 cm (5.9×5.9 inches) cut the 10×10 cm (3.93×3.93 inches). Corner squares cut out. Glue the fabric as if with a box. To cap it all was cover – stick around, that will keep the Ribbon edges.

Now your thread-needle-pinы-buttons got a comfortable place))).