Amazing masterpieces of the buttons by Augusto Esquivel

In every house there is a small (and maybe huge) box that stores the entire collection of buttons: large and small, standard and original, with the inscriptions and without… And have you ever thought that these buttons can become a part of something bigger. They can be an integral part of a work of art, as an atom is an integral part of the molecule? To this question you can answer in the comments, but in the meantime, we invite you to get acquainted with the work of a man who has found and revealed secret beauty of buttons.

Augusto Esquivel is an artist from Argentina. In his hands, the buttons find their new calling, becoming a magical, floating installation, that are worthy of attention and delight.

It all started with a strange discovery – an abandoned box in the attic, which, as you might imagine, was packed with ‘different-sized’ fasteners for clothes. As a result, the world saw the fragile (which can disturb only the slightest touch of a finger), but amazing art objects.

At the same time, the size of the buttons, and, especially, their color for the artist does not have any significance. For each fastener, he will find a suitable location. That’s how simple and complicated at the same time born incredible works of art in full size.

Augusto Esquivel creates amazing masterpieces of buttons: human figures, portraits, household items, furniture, musical instruments, animals, flowers, trees. The most famous wizard is Upright Piano – 20 kg, 30,000 buttons and 2.5 months of work.