Famous modern art: What secrets contains house-installation by Philip Smith?

The old wooden building was modified by the artist from California, then this house is turned into a center of artistic thought.

70-year-old shack has become a work of famous modern art, as only its mass ‘taken out’ certain areas to fill the void spaces. And indeed, the mirror set at a particular angle, though, violate the laws of physics, and, as a result of visual deception, give the appearance of an object hovering in the air.

But the main advantage of this installation is not only illusionist gamesmanship. The main thing is that the original structure, completely devoid of aesthetic component, suddenly acquired a rhythm in the fronts, making visual perception of an object became much more enjoyable. Alternating of certain structural units, in this case, the order of the boards and the voids between them create a feeling of ‘vibration’ of space which is difficult to achieve the effect of the interaction of the artist with unyielding material such as a three-dimensional reality.

It is worth noting that the focus, laid by the artist, are not limited to the illusory ‘levitation’ of the building. After nightfall wakes up a complex system, created on the basis of the computer and LED backlight – their task is to deceive the viewer again and present him different colors of windows depending on the angle at which they are viewed.

As for the rest, minimalist landscapes of the desert, are in perfect harmony with the ascetic-unreal appearance of installation, clearly recalling a tale of science fiction writers of ’80s.