Money bead tree

it is believed that money tree brings prosperity to the house. It is like a magnet for wealth, and its owner is usually bathed in luxury …

True or not, but a long time ago, Chinese sages assured: if bring the money tree with coins on the branches and a good shake them, the money will roll in the house like abundant rain. Let’s check the validity of this beautiful legend and make your own money bead tree.


You will need:

  1. A thin copper wire – for twigs and leaves.
  2. Coins (choose the same and not very heavy).
  3. Thick aluminum wire – for the trunk.
  4. The beads (I used different shades of green).
  5. Insulation or floral tape.
  6. Finishing plaster.
  7. Large and small brush.
  8. Gold acrylic paint, glitter.
  9. Double-sided adhesive tape.
  10. Pot.
  11. Clay.


To put our tree in a pot and artfully decorate it, prepare, please:

  1. Glue gun.
  2. Glue Glitter.
  3. Acrylic paint.


Mix all the beads in a single vessel.

Now put on your beads on copper wire about 8 in (20 cm). Do not cut the wires from the coil!

Time to make the first twig. Separating the 12 beads, make a loop, lock 2-3 turns around an axis.

Without departing from the first loops, do the following. To sprig turned lush, need 7-8 of these loops.

Done? Good For You! You did a real bud. Now lock it by twisting the wire turns 15-20. According to this principle make somewhere 60 such buds-branches.

But how can money tree be without coins? For them, we will make some 15 branches.

For the beginning of copper wire with a loop make a twig on the tip. Then glue gun to attach a coin to eyelet.

Match small branches in bunches – four buds of beads around the twig with a coin. Twist the wire at the bottom of the beam and fix the floral tape. You should have received 15 large branches.

Now, with thick copper wire and floral tape unite three twig. This will be the main branches of the crown for the money tree.

Color branches with gold acrylic paint.

Finally! Put the tree parts together.

Measure out three identical pieces of aluminum wire, twist together. leave free ends. To make sustainable tree, kindle the lower ends of the wire in different directions. At the upper ends of twisted wire fix ready threads using double-sided tape.

Secure the floral tape. On the trunk wound more tape, making the tree thicker.

Now it’s time to decorate pot using acrylic paints and glue glitter.

When the paint is dry, put a money tree in a pot, fix with plasticine.

Form the trunk with stick using the finish plaster. The rest of the mixture pour into the pot. Let it dry.

Dye your tree with gold paint, sprinkle glitter

Yay! Money Tree is ready. It remains only to spread the crown and wait for insane financial success, which, together with the rustle of coins at the crown of trees like impetuous wind will break into your house 🙂