Money tree of coins. How to make handmade gift for friends

If you have a lot of unnecessary small or old coins, we offer you an interesting and very creative way to get rid of them.
Money tree of coins is a great decoration for the walls of your home or a great gift for your friends.

First, gather a couple of handfuls of accumulated junk coins. They will form the basis of our handmade crafts.
In addition we will need:
-A piece of plywood;
-A piece of burlap;
-Fine paper;
-Spray with copper paint;
-Gun with glue;

Cut the paper on thin strips, as shown below. It is the material for a money tree trunk.

Soak strips of paper in the glue. Soak strips of paper in the glue. Then they have to crumple and twist the tubes to create flagella.

Lay out and stick them on a piece of sacking. So is our tree. More precisely its trunk and roots.

Glue coins for creatinig branches, Leaves and crown as a whole.

We did so. Quite nicely, although you can change the picture in its sole discretion. Tree can turn into anything – feel free to experiment and be creative!

Spray and then wipe it with leaves and trunk.

Our handmade money tree of coins is ready. Just attach the sacking to a piece of plywood and place it in the prepared frame

I hope you enjoyed this handmade crafts idea. Now you can give it to your friends or you can use it to decorate the Interior of your

  • Gustavo Woltmann

    Great idea! This is what I was looking for! Gustavo Woltmann