How to DIY organizer for small items

Organizer for small items allows you to maintain order not to lose different useful accessories. Of course, you can buy it in store, but I suggest to make a beautiful organizer with your own hands. So, let’s begin.

You will need:

  • thick fabric;
  • line;
  • pencil;
  • gum;
  • button;
  • thread and needle (or sewing machine)

  1. Prepare a piece of thick cloth and place it on a flat surface.
  2. Fold the fabric in half along the length.
  3. Unfold the fabric and fold one part to the bend line (see image). Secure with a pin.
  4. Do the same with the other side.

5. Draw a line around 1cm (0,4 in) from each edge.

6. From the scribed line need to draw 4 more, three of which are at a distance of 10 cm (4 in) from the previous line, and one at a distance of 7,5 cm (2,9 in). Of course it all depends on the piece of cloth – you can make your sizes.

7. Prepare a rubber band and cut a piece of 10 cm (4 in) length and make a loop as shown in the image.

8. Place the elastic between the folds.

9. Now you need to sew on the drawn lines

10. Fold the item in half in length and sew a large button. We finish.