How to make butterflies of the wire with their hands. Tutorials

Made from wire butterfly can be used as pendants, earrings, hairpins and other handmade jewelry. They can also be used as a beautiful trinkets for keys and cell phone, Christmas toys, decoration elements, etc.

Butterflies are usually made of soft wire knitting with beads and other decorative elements. Professionals use silver wire and gemstones.

The process of weaving to the untrained person is extremely complex, so it is best to start with simple products. We’ll look at two of them below. Let’s start with this cute and very simple butterfly.

We need:

  • tools for braiding: pliers, round nose pliers, nippers;
  • wire;
  • bead medium;
  • pencil;
  • paper.

We start by drawing a contour butterfly. If you can not draw it – print the image.

Next, we put the wire in half and start to do the butterfly frame as shown below.

Then make a double knot to butterfly has not collapsed.

At the last stage of manufacturing don bead and create antennas.

Simple handmade butterfly of wire is ready. If you plan to use it as a pendant or charm, you need to create an additional ring for fastening.

Of shiny wire product may produce a bright, especially if you use colored beads. But this is a matter of taste.


The second butterfly of wire, which we consider a somewhat more complicated to manufacture, and consists of two parts connected to each other.

Print any image and create two identical frame.

What bends and where do good shows in the photos below. First make the eyelet, which is the center of the top of the wing.

Next, create the top and bottom of the wing.

After the bottom of the wing create abdomen and antennae.

Half ready. Left to make another similar and connect them with each other.

Now you have some experience and know how to make a bow tie from wire with your hands. Look at these wonderful ornaments. You can do something similar and for sure you will get a beautiful butterfly.