How to make a case for mobile phone

Pay attention to the appearance of your mobile phone. Screen needs to be protected from any damage. Beautiful and practical phone case it’s all you need for this.

Materials and tools

  • Regular phone case;
  • gold foil;
  • glue for decoupage;
  • nail polish;
  • Punch;
  • wooden stick;

How to make handmade case for a mobile phone

Put the brush into nail polish and gently drip a small point on the cover.

Complete the process, chaotic dot. Do not forget about edge.

Despite the fact that the varnish dries, take the wrapping paper and start punching holes in it using a punch.

Stick to the point of lacquer pieces of foil with a wooden stick.

Make sure that each point of the lacquer has a ‘golden companion.’

Evenly coat the entire surface using a glue for decoupage

Do not touch the case until the glue is completely dry. It would take at least 6 hours. Do not be tempted, or stay with fingerprints instead of gloss.

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