How to make a Friendship Bracelet

You can weave Friendship Bracelet of any yarn or sewing thread, the main thing is that they were colored. It is not difficult to weave and pretty quickly. You can weave Friendship Bracelet and give to your favorite friends. Also, for the manufacture of such bracelets, you can apply another type of weaving.

For making this crafts – friendship bracelet – we only need colorful yarn or thread floss.

For making this crafts – friendship bracelet – we only need colorful yarn or sewingthread floss.

Measure the length of the first string, it must be approximately 3 feet (1m). Modeled on the first thread measure and cut the other two.

Fold the yarn in half and knot it, creating a loop.

For your convenience, and to not get tangled up threads, fasten the eyelet for something suitable. For this purpose you can use a pin.

After you have consolidated yarns, lay them in different directions so that each side had three different colors.

Starting from the left side, the red thread put on the green, get under it and pull it through the loop.

The resulting knot pull upward and tighten. From this same thread repeat the previous action-knot must be threaded and drawn twice.

Repeat all the steps only from the other thread-yellow. And do not forget about the double knot.

Now all the same only with the right hand. And accordingly the actions we have carried out from right to left.

As soon as the two threads of the same color come together in the Middle, tie their knot.

Repeat the same steps until your bracelet is the desired length.

Note that not only the coloring of the bracelets can vary, but the number of threads, the more the thicker bracelet.