inexpensive fathers day gifts: Car T-shirt

If you’re looking for inexpensive farthers day gift, then you can try to make handmade Car T-shirt. In this dad can entertain and play with children.

You will need:

  • white t-shirt
  • paint or markers for tissue
  • cars to drive on the roads!

You can use the same picture as in this example or you can make up your own.

In this example, the drawing was made on a computer and then printed. It was printed 4 pages, which are then merged into one big picture.


In any case, it is best to make a road design on paper and then transfer it to t-shirt.

1. Prepare a drawing on paper

2. Place the paper pattern on the inner side of t-shirts, under the first layer. It will be easier to see through shirt picture, but the paint you will apply, will not switch on the back side.

* If you use paint, it will be a little harder and longer to draw and wait until the paint dries (this is especially true of drawing black lines). If you want to do everything faster and easier, better to use markers for fabric.


Our inexpensive fathers day gift is ready!